WENP invites tenders for Environmental Data Review

WENP is pleased to announce invitations to tender to undertake a review of environmental record keeping across the West of England

As part of WENP’s ongoing work to improve environmental evidence, we are looking for an independent consultant to conduct a review of the current system of environmental record keeping across the West of England. The research will involve reviewing the current data landscape and assessing anticipated trends in data management, speaking with key stakeholders, including the Local Record Centre and other data holders and users.

The review will look to identify possible alternative organisational structures and options to help improve our environmental evidence base.

We are looking for an experienced person or organisation who can undertake this work over a three month period, who understands environmental and biodiversity data. This contract is offered for up to £8000

Download the consultants brief here.

The closing date for proposals is 5pm on Friday 9th June 2017, for any enquiries please contact shellydewhurst@wenp.org.uk



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