The Ecosystem Approach

State of Environment Assessment

The West oDownload the report heref England Nature Partnership is committed to demonstrating the value that natural resources make. In 2013 the partnership embarked on an ambitious project to assess the state of the environment in the West of England.  The recommendations set out in the scoping study suggested taking an ecosystem service approach, by using existing data and evidence to assess the current provision of ecosystems across the West of England.

The Ecosystem Approach seeks to understand the services that the natural environment is providing, by advocating an integrated approach to the way the land is managed and enhanced. To help us understand these services better, we have created a series of ecosystem service and ecological networks maps;


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This work has recently won a national research award – find out more here. 

Understanding the environmental evidence base

The natural environment plays a critical role in our lives, providing us with the food, water, and air essential for life, and the raw materials to fuel our economy. It also provides us with services that pollinate crops, purify water, air and waste, and gives us space for recreation, wellbeing and culture. Despite all this, natures true value is often overlooked or taken for granted, often leading to environmental pressure, degradation and damage. We believe having access to the right information is an essential step forward in protecting and restoring the natural environment. To create the maps, over 200 datasets were collected and analysed during the creation of the maps. A total of 14 maps have been created, which show where the land is providing a particular service or part of an ecological network.

Click below to download pdfs of each of the maps:

Woodland Network
Woodland Opportunities

Water Quality mapGrassland Network
Grassland Opportunities

Wetland Network
Wetland Opportunities

Ecological Networks Combined
Ecological Networks Opportunities

Water Quality
Water Quality Opportunities

Water Quantity
Water Quantity Opportunities

Multiple Ecosystem Services
Multiple Opportunities


Download the full technical report to find out how the maps were created and data used

A special thanks to our partners for ongoing support and in-kind resources, in particular Avon Wildlife Trust, as project managers, Wessex Water and Natural England who have provided financial support for this project.

The maps developed as part of our State of Environment Assessment have been created through ecosystem service modelling using the ‘SENCE’ method (Spatial Evidence for Natural Capital Evaluation) and were created by GIS and ecosystem service specialists Environment Systems

All data has been licensed for use by the West of England Nature Partnership and cannot be reproduced.

The information on the maps is provided for identification purposes only. No warranty as to accuracy is given or implied.  WENP cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, but if you do spot any, please let us know © All rights reserved.