Nature, Health & Wellbeing

Connecting people and nature

Spending time in nature is good for our health

It has long been recognised that there exists important links between the natural environment and human health & wellbeing. Good quality green space can help tackle inequalities, improve physical activity and provide countless benefits to communities and society.

The WENP have convened a working group to explore ways in which the health of our natural environment is intrinsically linked to our health. Organisations represented on the working group include The Conservation Volunteers, Forest of Avon, Sirona, Avon Wildlife Trust, NHS, University of West of England, South Gloucestershire Council, Penny Brohn and Natural England.

WENP events celebrating nature, health and wellbeing

Through the working group we have delivered a number of high profile events that explore the important connection between nature, health and wellbeing, find out more by clicking on the below links: